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Brian Logsdon

“Owners of this store really helped me get a power chair I could afford! Awesome!"

Dianna Fryman

"J&J Mobility wad awesome in our search for the perfect scooter! And their continued support of the maintenance has been above satisfaction! I love this store!"

Curtis Hurley

“My father had to get a mobile chair. J&J mobility has been very helpful and professional for the year plus that we have dealt with them. They treat you with the upmost respect and genuinely care.”

Lisa Kallies

“Over the years, J&J Mobility has handled a variety of special needs for us. Always professional and prompt when issues arise. From shower handles to scooters and lifts, they have never let us down!!! Thanks for all you do to make our lives easier!"

Carol Kohn

"I don't know what we would have done without the team at J &J Mobility. Time and time again they have met every mobility need throughout my husband's journey. Installed a ramp and went above and beyond to place gravel for easy entry. Worked with the insurance, ordered, delivered and instructions on use of his electronic wheelchair. Consulted with bathroom installers on mobility needs. Installed shower bars for mobility in the shower. Awesome professional, knowledgeable team!!!"

Mary Rose

“They make housecalls!! Much more convenient than other places!”
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